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When Qlik sense will be up for 32bit ?

Hi there !

I'ld like to kown when Qlik sense will be up for 32bit ? I can only download the 64b version who doesn't work on 32b :/

Someone one has an information about that ?



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Re: When Qlik sense will be up for 32bit ?

I doubt very much there will be a 32-bit version. Sense like QlikView is a memory based analysis tool, why use it on an operating system that limits applications to only 2Gb ram .

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Re: When Qlik sense will be up for 32bit ?

As of now their is 64-Bit version only


Re: When Qlik sense will be up for 32bit ?

Hi Erwan,

Qlik Sense is build on modern technology so it requires modern hardware to run.  The good news is you can still use Qlik Sense through a web browser from your 32bit machine (or any other device with a modern web browser).  The full version has Server based development from any connected device. The Client is exactly the same all of your devices and supported browsers but of course you will be able to connect to your Server environment with a 64-Bit or 32-Bit browser from a 64-Bit or32-Bit Client and develop / use your apps from here.

You can try out Qlik Sense for free from your 32-Bit machine:

     There are fully interactive demo app at http://sense-demo.qlik.com/. (you can even create content)

     If someone else creates an app they can share it with you through Qlik Cloud.

Below you can find a link with all supported browsers that you can use in order to connect your Client to a Qlik Sense server (including our the demo site and Qlik Cloud).

Qlik Sense 1.0 - System Requirements

I hope this helps.