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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

adding more data using excel on my already connected sql database

I have uploaded a similar question but have more information provided to potentially get better insight. I currently have some apps built in Qlik Sense through an Oracle SQL database. I will now have additional data coming in as an excel file that needs to be integrated together with my already connected data from the sql database. The excel spreadsheet does have an associated field/column ("YEAR") that also includes many new columns that are not currently existing in my database. For an example -->

SQL Database data (currently in my Qlik Sense APPS)


New data to integrate coming from excel spreadsheet. You can see I have 2 new fields (total pay and total bonus) that are no existing in my sql database.


I've tried very basic methods (one from Mike Tarralo) where I would just throw my excel spreadsheet into a chart and it will take me to my data load manager screen, but after about a 20 min wait time this task has failed. Mind you, the above data is just a sample and very simplistic compared to what I currently have. But that is the whole idea. I'd like to add new data from a different source (excel) to my already existing connected data (sql database) and matching them on my matching field - "YEAR". The end result should add the new fields that are not existing in my sql database and add those new fields once I throw in this excel spreadsheet. If the only way to do this is through the data load editor, can someone guide me on how to properly load this and matching it on the YEAR column?

*I did conduct a sample and checked out how the data load editor generates the script for me when I do add in a small set of test data.

Unqualify *;

FROM [lib://Desktop/additional data test.xlsx]
(ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);

My guess is that it is not this simple to just add this similar syntax in my script to have this read the data correctly. I am not able to give this a shot since it takes really long (20+ minutes) to even see an output and wanted to ask before making any final changes to the script.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Creator II
Creator II

This is something I do all the time.  Potentially it is as simple as adding that bit of code.

Firstly, you probably need to use the Data Load Editor rather than the Data Manager.  You will have total control about what is happening. Once you do so in a given app, you will effectively lose the ability to use the Data Manager as normal in that app.

In the editor you can run it in debug and see if the delay still exists.  It might be the Data Manager is having trouble profiling the data for some reason.

Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

you are absolutely correct, it looks like once you bring in data and run any script you lose the ability effectively use, more so even open the data manager.