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Contributor III

loss of data when exporting to excel



i have an issue, i have a table in my qlikview app, with dimensions, calculated dimensions (aggr function also), and expressions. 

I have 1200 lines in that table, but when i export to excel, i have only 1100 lines. This causes lost of data when exporting. 


What can be the cause ? 

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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

Hi @ced_foning 

Qlik will always suppress duplicate rows. If all of the values in all of the columns are the same they will only show once.

If you have sum expressions for all values in the table then you will be fine, as the duplicate rows will have the values increased.

On the other hand, if you have values in as dimensions and these are also the same across two rows the duplicate will be removed, and your values will be less. This is obviously a bad thing.

The way you can avoid this happening is to have a dimension in your table with a unique value per row. If there is not one in the source data you can add one using the RowNo() function in the load script, e.g.

RowNo() as ID,

Adding this to your table should mean all rows display.

Hope that helps,