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permissions to user

Hi all,

I have created one user in qliksense server.

The new user is not able to view the apps created by the administrator user.

Please help me how to grant the permissions only  to view the apps. that user must disable with editing apps or creating the new apps.



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Re: permissions to user


in the console of sense server you have to create STREAMS to manage all about permision and restrict

each app you develop you can add some streams to see and edit the aplication

see this, good luck


Stream Persmissions

Qlik Sense Platform - Qlik Management Console - Streams - Part 2

How do I setup a user to see 2 stream but only has access to the tasks in 1.

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Re: permissions to user

Hi Fernando Keuroglian,

I created a new stream and i published my app in that stream and i have given only read permission to the user.

But, still user can create a new sheets in the stream and he can also able to view the other streams.

I need only that user should see only that stream and he should not be able to create new sheets in that stream.

please help.



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Re: permissions to user

Pramod, there are other security rules at play that are giving the user create privs in the stream.

Have a look at this webinar.  It will help provide you with some insight into how security rules work.  Keep in mind, security rules overlap with the most privs added winning out.

Here is the webinar link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxBEVQthCb29ZjVXVEZpQUtOZk0&authuser=0


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