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    How do I setup a user to see 2 stream but only has access to the tasks in 1.

    John Houston

      Hi All,

      I am needing to setup security rules to do the following:


      A user needs access to 2 Stream in the Hub (Say Sales and Solutions).

      In the one Stream (Sales) he can only view the Apps in the Hub.

      For the other Stream (Solutions) he can view and manage the reload tasks via QMC.


      Overall in QMC the user should only have access to the App and Tasks for the Solutions Stream.


      So far I have managed to set the user up so that he can only se Apps and Tasks in QMC as well as both Streams in the Hub.

      However I cannot seem to stop him from seeing the Sales Stream Tasks and Apps in QMC.


      Is there a way to do this?