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Contributor II
Contributor II

wrong results with Data manager

Hello all

I have 2 simple table that one of them is for sales and one for target's of our company products.

when i insert these tables in data load editor, all of expression results are correct. they linked each other by 4 fields (Year,Month,Branch code and Product code ) and created a sync table but all of results are as equal as our data base result.

BUT when i add data of these 2 table with data manager and create a custome key (Year-Month-Branch Code-Product Code) to associate tables with that 4 fields and load data , the expression results showed wrong results in charts!!

what i should i do ? i want to use data manager instead of data load editor but i had problem with that!

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Creator III
Creator III

can you share sample app.

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Usually results a synthetic key into the same like a compound key of the identically fields - probably there is any small difference in your key-creation.

But in regard to your aim it's assumingly better not to join/associate the tables else just to concatenate them. It avoids all the trouble with the key between them and furthermore the possible keys to other tables.

- Marcus