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AND-Mode in Bar Chart

I created a data model that supports AND-mode and it works pretty well.  I am not using the listbox for this field.  Instead I have a bar chart that is using the field that I setup in this mode.  If I pick multiple bars the rest of the dashboard shows the correct data using AND instead of OR logic. 

The problem I am having is that the bar charts works differently now then it did when in the default mode.  When I click on a bar now the others do not go away.  Instead they all stay visible and the amounts that they represent are adjusted.  What I want is for the bar or bars that I choose for those to remain visible and the others to go away.  Just like they normally do.  Or if I can't have that I would like the bars that I choose to change color to stand out as the chosen ones. I have tried setting background colors for the bars and that does not change the behavior.

Nothing I have tried has worked so far. 

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