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Creator III
Creator III

First two weeks

I have a report that uses a fiscal_month and fiscal_week and this will produce a monthly report and a weekly report.

What i am now trying to do is to say the following:


   // Show week and month report for first two weeks of the month


   //else only show weekly report for the last 2 weeks of the month.



I have the condition to show the report working; i am just trying to figure out how to show the weekly and monthly for the first two weeks and the weekly for the 3 and 4 week.

Any ideas?

1 Reply

Perhaps any one of these?

If(Sum({<Month = {'$(=Max(Month))'}, Week = {">=$(=Min(Week)) <=$(Min(Week+1))"}>} Measure),'X',

If(Sum({<Month = {'$(=Max(Month))'}, Week = {">=$(=Max(Week)) <=$(Max(Week-1))"}>} Measure),'Y'))


Sum(Aggr(If(Sum({<Month = {'$(=Max(month))'}, Week = {">=$(=Min(Week)) <=$(Min(Week+1))"}>} Measure),'X',

If(Sum({<Month = {'$(=Max(month))'}, Week = {">=$(=Max(Week)) <=$(Max(Week-1))"}>} Measure),'Y')), Month, Week))

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