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Gantt chart and marking dates in a chart


I want to create a chart which visualises some date data.

In one column I have project ID and another I have checkpoint which each project performs.  These check points have a delivery date and the difference between the 1st and last check point would be the length of the project.  I want a chart which shows the duration of the project but also mark the date of the checkpoints.

Project ID     Checkpoint   Delivery Date

001               1                    01/04/2017

001               2                    01/06/2017

001               3                    01/10/2017

002               1                    01/05/2017

002               2                    01/06/2017

002               3                    01/07/2017

I would like to be able to provide something like a gantt chart where you can visually see the dates, both length of project and checkpoint dates.


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Re: Gantt chart and marking dates in a chart


Something like below

Files for creation of a Gantt chart


Re: Gantt chart and marking dates in a chart


My issue is more with the manipulation of my data.  I wanted both the length of overall project which I can deduct by min(start) & Max(finish) but I also wanted the individual checkpoints on the same chart.  So a second dimension but that affects the start and finish time.  But I figure this can't easily be done and happy to create two charts. 

1. That link helps me with the first one.  A gantt chart for length of project. 

2. I now also want to visualise the checkpoints, so a chart which will show Project & it check point delivery date.  So on the axis will have date and why will be projects and check point with the value being it's delivery date (finish date) in above data.