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Help with Alternate States and Set Operators

Hey guys,

Great Community! I've learned a ton reading through other's post's and answers. Hopefully someone can help me with this.

If I load 2 tables that join by an ID but have ID sets that don't overlap fully, the extra IDs from the second table seem to be ignored when using set operators on alternate states. I've attached an example file showing the inconsistency.

It seems like I could get around this behavior by doing some fancy loading (force the 2 tables together, or add the IDs from the second table to the first table, etc.) But I'd like to understand why this happens in the first place. Since it seems like in a normal application if I loaded tables that weren't perfectly matched in the wrong order I'd end up with this issue. Any ideas on how to solve this with out doing fancy loading stuff?

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Re: Help with Alternate States and Set Operators


I think that I solved the problem, but I can`t figured out why the xor wasn`t working whit your set analyses. To be honest I`m curious about it too.

I just concatenate the tables and create an alias to find out which table is from the value of ValB.


If you found the answer why the xor isn`t working, share whit us.