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How to schedule the auto refresh when data is coming from server

I have taken data from MSSQL sever database, then i have created 3 qvd files for that data because i want to perform join operation for those queries but in that queries one query is stored procedure query so that i have created 3 qvd's.

Now i have loaded those files in to new qvw file and i implemented auto refresh option to my front end file (whatever i created new qvw file) by writing this statement in my script

EXECUTE "C:\Program Files\QlikView\QV.exe" /r "D:\Qlikview\RMS\NewRMS1.qvw";

LET ReloadNo = ReloadNo + 1;

But it is giving error even after i selected this option in script editor under settings (downside tab) the ”can execute external…”. But it's worked when i tried with excel files.

And One more is whenever i want to reload the data it was asking server credentials.. i have connected through OLE DB MS SQL Server

I don't Where is the mistake. Can you guys find it and help me out from this

Thank you in advance

Regards Sudhakar