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Is there a Find and Replace function for text?

I'm trying to replace text in dimension/expression labels and/or text objects. Is there such a thing as Find and Replace (similar to Microsoft Word) in QlikView? That would make updating labels much easier.

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Master II
Master II

Settings|Expression Overview?

or you can try the short cut -> Ctrl + Alt + E will take you to Expression Overview where you can do Find/Replace

Specialist III
Specialist III

Use Replace function.


Replace('abcd' , 'a', 'AAA') will return you AAAbcd.

Specialist III
Specialist III

Dear Katrina,

Yes we have the same option in QlikView such as available in Microsoft Word.

In QlikView we have Expression Overview (Open your Dashboard / App > Settings tab > Expression Overview > Find/Replace > Apply > OK.) where from you can Find/Replace listed below things:

1. Chart Expressions

2. Chart Attributes

3. Color Expressions

4. Show Conditions

5. Other Expressions

Kind regards,

Ishfaque Ahmed

Contributor II
Contributor II

I recently faced this problem and solved it by doing global find replace in a text editor on the contents of the prj folder. Make sure to save a backup first. My process was this, for a file named MyFile.qvw

1. In the same directory as MyFile.qvw, create a folder called MyFile-prj, then save the qvw. You should see a bunch of xml populated in the prj folder.

2. Close the qvw!!

3. Using an editor like Sublime or Notepad++, open all the files in the folder (In Sublime, you can go to File->Open Folder, and open the -prj folder).

4. Find and Replace the field name in ALL the documents in the prj folder. Note -- this will replace the field names in all Expressions, Dimensions, AND the LoadScript, so be careful.

5. Save All the file changes.

6. Reopen the document from within QlikView Desktop using File -> Open. This will rebuild the file contents from the prj folder.