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Contributor II
Contributor II

Load different sheets from on Excel file

Hi All, Im new to Qlikview and i have the next requeriment and question,

I have a Excel with 3 sheets, every sheet have a different name, different tables and data,

but they all have a column in commun; How can i load the whole excel to qlikview, by the whole i mean all the date

and different tables, and try to enlace them or make a reference with the coloumn in commun

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Master II
Master II

Contributor II
Contributor II

Yes, I alrdy try that and many other solutions i found arround the community, but the problem is that in every solution the data in the excels or in the sheets is the same


sheet 1 :

name            email                           phone numbre

andres     andres@blabla.bla           45684

sheet 2 :

name            email                           phone numbre

juan         juan@blabla.bla              45878

but in my excel I have different data in all the sheets, different coloumns , different sheets names, etc

nothing in commun, only 1 data that is the same but in different format.

So the only solution I found for now was to export everything to a Base data and join the tables via FK

and load them with the odbc drive in qlikview, but no idea how to do it based on excel.

btw thanks for the quick answer