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Logic filter system like Salesforce


So one of our systems we use is a proprietary system which we use for Qlikview, it is our ERP system. Then we use Salesforce for more of our CRM system. However, a lot of our data is only in our ERP system meaning a lot of crucial data is missed out and our reporting is not easy.

Qlikview makes this better, however, because everyone is used to Salesforce, I am wondering if I can somehow make it more friendly for Salesforce savvy people.

For example, the main thing with Salesforce is it does logic like

Type = "donkey" and customer = "business" or you could change it easily within a filter logic to

Type = "donkey" OR customer = "business"

Thank you,


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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Logic filter system like Salesforce

The 'and' selections are extremely easy. Just select the values you want in the appropriate list boxes (or any other object where you can easily select values).

But 'or' selections are hard to do. See here for an example: http://www.qlikfix.com/2013/10/23/and-or-mode-selections-in-qlikview/

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