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Multiple IF statements expression

Hi guys, need some help here with if statement logics.    

i have 2 date fields    

1. createdDate  

2. BookingDate    


1. createdDate should be lesser than BookingDate

2. createdDate to BookingDate range must not be more than 1 year.    

How do i achieve this? need help cause am newbie here

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Re: Multiple IF statements expression

Not sure i understand any deeper complexity but taking your post at face value

if(BookingDate-createdDate>365,'More than a year','Less than a year')

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Re: Multiple IF statements expression

Are you trying to achieve this in the layout or the Datamodel?

i.e. Are you trying to restrict the data in the load itself or in the chart?

Re: Multiple IF statements expression

What if conditions and what output you are expecting in the parameters?

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