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Pivotable formatting when exporting to excel

Dear all,

we are facing some issues when downloading pivotables from QV to excel, as we are loosing the formatting (tables are converted back to straight tables in excel).

Is there any way to keep the pivotable formatting when exporting to excel? We need the tables in excel to integrate them as an appendix into word documents. when copying the clipboard from QV to word, we don´t get the expected quality of resolution, that is why we would like to go via excel.

Any inputs are welcome!

Thank you very much,


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Pivotable formatting when exporting to excel

Any export from QV to Excel will convert the data from whatever chart type you are displaying to a straight table.  I don't think thee is a work around for this.

New Contributor II

Pivotable formatting when exporting to excel

Maybe this comes close to what you want:

In the chart properties of the pivot table, tab 'style', select 'indent mode'.

Please note that most of the formatting gets lost when exporting to Excel, but at least it is not presented as a straight table anymore ...

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