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QlikView with Oracle and MS Sql Server issues

Hi there

Well, I'm fairly new to QlikView, but have loads of experience with tools like MS SQL Server, Oracle, Excel, Access etc.

I work in a financial area and thus don't always have the underlying knowledge to troubleshoot installations myself.

Now here's my issue:

Yesterday I installed QlikView for the first time (version 10). It worked fine straight away and I could open previous models etc.

Then I wanted to make changes to a model and required to do so in SQL. I already have MS SQL Server Magement Studio on my PC, but the data I', after was on SQL Developer (Oracle).

So I installed Oracle, and BOOM, QlikView stopped working entirely. When I try to open a .qw file I get an error saying that Windows can't find the file (the same .qw file I'm opening)

Now this happens only on my PC, colleagues have theirs running fine.

Anyways, so I uninstalled Oracle and SQL developer, uninstalled QlikView, re-installed QlikView numerous times, but the same remains.

This is even if I remove the Oracle install completely as well.

Can anyone help? I'm guessing it must be the Oracle install that did something.


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Re: QlikView with Oracle and MS Sql Server issues


I suggest that you try after uninstalling Qlikview, going to Local Settings and delete the QlikTech folder before re-installing.

If Local Settings doesn't do the trick:

There are also registry settings that remain after uninstalling under HKEY_Current_User\Software\QlikTech.

Try deleting the registry key as well. The re-install will recreate both. As always, registry edits are at your own risk, so backup first.



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