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Qlikview Dashboard

Hi Qlik Gurus,

I need your help once again. I am creating a dashboard and cannot get a few things to work:

1) I use two tabs to load hourly actual data and budget. Name fields are different in both, but to my understanding names should link based o the employee number, since this is unique. When I choose one name filed over another my fields in the table below populate only for values from that specific tab. Shouldn't it be interactive?


2) When in the right corner "results of" I have a specific date based on the actual hours report, I need to be able to show toat hours budgeted to that date as well (sum of prior dates to that one)


Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you-

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Re: Qlikview Dashboard

1. In that Cast, you need to Select the Fields needs to Search on the General Tab.

2. Please provide some example on this.

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Re: Qlikview Dashboard

1) Could you please ex[plain further?

2) For example I select Employee 1, so the actual hours are shown as of 10/9/2016, meaning, no hours were logged after that day. Therefore, total hour budgeted to date should be the sum of all hours from 11/17/2014 through 10/03/2016 (budget is weekly, so the week of 10/03/2016 would include 10/9/2016) . Which would be 40 hours


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Re: Qlikview Dashboard

1, Goto Search Object Properties --> General Tab --> Select 3rd Option "Selected Fields" and Add your required field list into Search object.

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Re: Qlikview Dashboard

2. I believe you key is not correct b/n Budget & Acutual. You need to add the EmployeeID or Name into your date key because budget on each employee for week.

On Budgent Table : EmployeeID & '|' & Date

On Actual: EmployeeID & '|' & WeekStart(Date)

The reason for WeekStart is the budget values defined on the Week Level.

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Re: Qlikview Dashboard

That does not fix the issue. Any other ideas?