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Qlikview RAM Size and Memory Size

How is qlikview able to handle Memory shrinking? Like suppose i am loading 5 qvd's each has about 50 MB but when i am converting it into qvw file the memory is very much less. How is qlikview able to handle this? I have a little knowledge that it is due to the data model that is created by us during qvw creation. But Anyother insights on this would be a lot more helpful.



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Re: Qlikview RAM Size and Memory Size

QVD is a data format that can be read into qlik product very fast and that has no such algorithm of compression. Whereas, qvw is a compressed (Qlik's own algorithm) file, hence the file size is generally less than qvd.

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Re: Qlikview RAM Size and Memory Size

The compression of a QVWfile can be set to high, medium or none on the document Properties | General tab. The compression happens when the document is saved (at the end if a reload task or by the user).

The QVD format is efficient because only unique values of the symbols are stored in the symbol table coupled with a memory efficient pointer structure, but it is not compressed. A QVD will often be larger than an equivalent xlsx spreadsheet (which is compressed), but much smaller than an equivalent CSV file.

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