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Contributor II
Contributor II

Reloading table after using Qualify does not work

Hi guys,

I have a Problem when refreshing/reloading a table that was created via a Qualify Statement.

When pushing the button to reload the data, it turns the two tables, that is, the original one and the one created with the Qualify Statement, into a "script" and as a consequence, it looses the connection to the original data source on the Qlik Server.

So, I can qualify the table but I cannot use it when data needs to be refreshed.

Could someone help me?

Thanks a lot,


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Digital Support
Digital Support

Elisabeth, going to need more information on this one, as I cannot follow what you have done here given the description, any chance you can include some screenshots or further clarification on things?  Simply reloading an application should not alter anything, so I suspect you have something else going on here that is not blatantly apparent that is the underlying issue, but need further details to try to follow and then suggest workarounds.  

Here is the Help on the Qualify statement:


All that is doing is appending the table name to the fieldname to ensure things do not automatically link when you have like field names between tables that you do not want to alias or allow to link, thus I suspect everyone else being confused as I am.  The one thing I did just pick up on though is you said qualify 'table', but you actually qualify 'fields', so I am wondering if that is part of the issue here.  You do not need to qualify all fields in a table, you can only do specific ones etc...  Sorry I am not more help and sorry if I insulted you by providing help, but I was honestly not sure what else to try to do on this one at the moment.  If you can further clarify, I suspect you will be able to get some further comments that may be more helpful.  A sample application would likely be the best thing, but screenshots etc. or better description of exactly what you are doing and how may do the trick too.


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