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Creator II
Creator II

Re: Trellis chart: How to generate variable y-axes


very neat  piece of scripting. I also thought about denominating it with the start value as work-around. To stay with this example, this is what for stocks sites like google do. I could not figure out how to create and position the min and max near the lines. I wonder how the parallel use of % to start value (which is most of the time quite arbitrary) and the absolute number is perceived by users. I looked at this solution now for some time and I start to like it. The variability could also be expressed using some greeks.

Thanks for this solution.

Well, two very nice solutions for a problem that was in the beginning quite frustrating.

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Re: Trellis chart: How to generate variable y-axes


Glad we found a solution!

I find the best way to test these complex expressions that use a dollar-sign expansion, is to use a straight table and leave the expression label blank.  That way the evaluated expression is shown in the label.  From there you can usually figure out what might have gone wrong.  Below you can see what the expression used in this thread expands to using the straight table.  Don't stop using text boxes however, they are very useful if you need to test smaller parts of your expression - in this expression you could test the Concat() and Replace() parts to make sure they are returning the correct string.