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Using Qlik as a calculation model and reporting

Hi all,


I am new to Qlik, I have watched several tutorials but none of them gives me the idea that I can use Qlik as a model builder and report/bi tool. 

My idea is that I built a specific model which transforms the loaded data in the desired data based on a predefined model and than after that can display the data in several Qlik ways.


For instance very simple example and for only this purpose:


I define in the model: take sales substract cost and display profit. In the demo's I see that you can import data, edit data and also add new columns (calculated columns) like the one I need sales-cost = column profit. And built some reports without data.  But can it also be like this that I define the model by creating columns in a blank model without data. Define all columns and calculated one (1). Next step import data (2). Map them to the predefined columns (3) and thean that the calculation is automatically performed (3) and reports generated (4).