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run sql stored procedure


I have a sql stored procedure with 2 parameters.

and in qlikview i have a table, button and two inputbox.

I want when user click button, stored procedure execute with inputbox as parameter and see result in table.

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Re: run sql stored procedure

hello, sub fonction might help

but sub is a script fonction wich means you need to reload the script for the sub to be executed.

maybe there are some other solutions to your issue, please provide context information in order to suggest solution

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Re: run sql stored procedure


supppose i create sql stored procedure like this:

create PROCEDURE [dbo].[mandeHesab]

@fromDate datetime,

@todate datetime


(select * from dbo.test where fDate = @fromDate and tDate=@todate)

I want pass the fromdate and todate from inputbox in qlikview and fetch data from sql.