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what "<<" or ">>" means?

Hi, Anyone knows anything about << or >>. You can see them in dimension section or while editing script. Please see the screenshots attached. Regards.

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Re: what "<<" or ">>" means?

Please check the name of your groups. I  assume these are part of your group names.

what "<<" or ">>" means?


In the first case, they are just names of the groups, probably to simplify the reading, being @ a ciclic group and >> a drop down. In the second and third cases, both are unary bit operators, that return the operand shifted one step to the right or to the left.

Hope that helps.


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what "<<" or ">>" means?

In the first first picture even the name is KPICycle it has << at the begenning. It conflicts !!!

I think you're right about unary operator