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Adding a user defined function to Replicate

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Adding a user defined function to Replicate

In addition to the steps listed in subsection User-Defined Transformations of Chapter 12 "Customizing Tasks" of the Replicate User Guide and examples in the addon Replicate sub-directory you must also:

1. bounce the Replicate Server Service before accessing the new addon; and

2. verify that on all the required dependencies are installed on the machine / VM and accessible.  On Linux this is through the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable set in the Replicate bin/ and <instanceName> scripts.  You can run the "ldd -r" command on your shareable after sourcing the Replicate bin/ script to check that all required dependencies are installed on the Linux system and accessible through LD_LIBRARY_PATH.


  • All supported versions of Replicate


The information in this article is provided as-is and to be used at own discretion. Depending on tool(s) used, customization(s), and/or other factors ongoing support on the solution below may not be provided by Qlik Support.

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