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Qlik Replicate : Postgres as a source error replicating column from a view

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Qlik Replicate : Postgres as a source error replicating column from a view

The following warning is logged while replicating a view from a Postgres source endpoint. This causes the NCLOB/String columns to be NULL on the target.

[SOURCE_UNLOAD ]V: Value for column 'XXXXX' was truncated. bind type: -8, data len: 10 (10, after truncation: -2), bind len: 0, statement: XXXXXX



  1. Set the Limited LOB size to exceed the max data volume on the source (default 8 KB)

    Limit LOB size in Target Metadata.png

    Note: 64KB is an example. The actual value depends on the column size on the source. 

  2. Change the column data type:
    1. Table Settings
    2. Transform
    3. Change from NCLOB to WSTRING (64000) and set the data length to the same as the max LOB column length above.
  3. Add the following internal parameter on your source Postgres: 

    Value: Set it to max data length provided on the table column.

    Internal Parameter unboundedVarcharMaxSizeODBC.png

    For more information on how to set Internal Parameters, see Qlik Replicate: How to set Internal Parameters and what are they for? 

  4. Run the task. 




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