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Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows: Failed to Import app

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Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows: Failed to Import app

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Aug 26, 2021 5:04:35 AM

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Aug 8, 2017 9:58:33 AM

Importing a Qlik Sense App (.qvf) in the Qlik Sense Management Console fails. There are various causes for this issue and this article will help in identifying the most common root causes. 

In the process of importing an App one must access the Sense QMC, Start-> Apps -> Import 
 - Select a QVF (App) to import using the Browse, and select <Import>.

This process will result in one of the following:

  • The import fails with Failed to import app. Please check the log file.
  • Or the Process remains at the Import stage until aborted. 
User-added image

User-added image




What does the log file say?

Review the log file for more detailed errors to assist in further troubleshooting.  For basic log file information, see Logging Storage.

Locate the logs in the following locations:



Note: If you are running a multi node environment, each node will have its own local copy. Review all of them. In addition, if the logs have been archived since the issue occurred, review the location of the archived log, which by default is in the configured Service Cluster location. 


Service Account permissions 

Verify that the account running the Qlik Sense Services has the correct permissions: It requires Read/Write permissions.

  • To locate your Apps folder, open the QMChttps://<QPS server name>/qmc
  • Select Service cluster on the QMC start page to display the service cluster page.
  • This will list your App folder.
  • To verify permissions, navigate to the App folder share location in a Windows Explorer.
  • Right-click the folder and verify both Sharing and Security for the service account permissions.


Disk space

In the case of large Apps, verify that enough disk space is available. Check the available space on the central node's C:\ disk. Even if Sense is installed on another drive, C:\ (and its temporary folder) will be used for the calculation.

At least 2 times the App size need to be available for the import to succeed. 

Example: If the app is 8 GB then a minimum of 16 GB free disk space is required to Import the app.


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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

still i am facing the same issue.

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @kumarbala 

Please post about your issue (including details such as when it started, error messages and what troubleshooting you have done and what version you are running) in our Qlik Sense Management and Deployment forums.

All the best,

Contributor III
Contributor III

AWS Cloud - Version 14.139.4 Qlik AMI 8/2023

Same issue fails to import.  

Perms and space are fine on server.  Searched all logs by GUID, shows export but nothing on import. Import fails so fast it's not really doing anything.  I verified the chrome console and sure enough being blocked by forbidden resource/403

It turned out to be a CRSF/XRSF rule in AWS WAF commonrulesset. So I just allowed my IP through the verification.

I up'ed the restrictions on this WAF which is why I never experienced it before.





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