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Qlik Sense: Extensions not visible on rim node (Error 404 on /qrs/extensions/schema)

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Qlik Sense: Extensions not visible on rim node (Error 404 on /qrs/extensions/schema)

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Jul 7, 2021 5:05:11 AM

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Jul 29, 2019 7:44:27 AM

Extensions are not visible on the rim node, when opening the browser developer tools, there is an error 404 on /qrs/extensions/schema.




Cause and Solution 1:

This is usually caused by the rim not able to communicate to the central node on its hostname.

Make sure that the central node name that appears in the "Nodes" section in the QMC can be contacted from the rim node.

If that is not, a simple workaround is to add the name in the Windows host file.

Cause and Solution 2:

Make sure that the account running Qlik Sense services on the RIM node has access to the Windows file share.

If the issue persists, switching the Proxy Tracing Audit logs to Debug usually gives more information about what is happening.

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