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Last year we launched Qlik Application Automation followed closely by our new Qlik Reporting Service.  Both were ground-breaking innovations with Application Automation delivering on Qlik’s Active Intelligence vision and Reporting Service reimagining report task management with a low code/no code report process approach.  Both services are generating an enthusiastic following delivering significant value demonstrated by customer usage growth month over month. 

We’re encouraging customers to make use of the free tier of monthly service (5000 runs for Application Automation and 100 reports for Reporting Service) as their business needs require and to gain the most benefit.  We are excited to see growing adoption across the board.  To that end, we’ll be introducing a monthly Usage Report for customers using either of the services beyond their monthly entitled limit to simply let them know their service usage and to provide them with our recommended tier based on that usage.  Monthly usage reports will be sent to our customer account owners, and tenant admins, who can discuss a suggested service tier with either Qlik Support or their Qlik account team directly. 

 We’re excited to see a thriving, growing adoption of our Qlik Cloud platform, and more importantly, helping our customers increase the value of their investment with each release and innovation.

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Good to hear.  It would also be great if there were official monitoring apps for both Automations and Reports so that we can monitor them continually, see who is running what, even set up some Alerts.  We can build them ourselves but it would be good to have official ones.  Any such apps forthcoming?



@mahrholt  Thanks for your feedback. We are working on in-tenant monitoring and with this feature, customers would have the ability to monitor usage of these services in the tenants. This is expected to come out in Q3. Apart from this, we are also working on Usage apps that would provide detailed view to both customers, partners and Qlik Account Managers on the usage. This is expected to come out in Q1 of next year. 

Hope this helps. 

Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Many thanks here Halomutov!

Centralization remains key, automation frees time to focus on the strategic.  Having received a significant amount of training on negotiation, the link provides strong/concise list of negotiation elements to consider.

Good day!