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Qlik Cloud expands access control and flexible app sharing for more granular control over how app content is shared and accessed.

Qlik has enhanced enterprise access controls and flexible app sharing to improve content security, governance, and sharing of analytics content across larger deployments of users and groups.  

With the new update admins and users will have more options and flexibility for fine-grain security, permissions, and sharing across a variety of content within their spaces and individual apps. These updates support customers to better scale and organize security permissions across large deployments while making it easy to invite others and share insights. 

Space owners, facilitators, and admins can now directly share individual apps with any group or users without adding those users into the space. Shared users and their specific access controls can easily be managed from the Member Section of the managed space. Subsequent releases will include more granular user roles as well as global custom roles and expanded access control for additional content, including Notes. 

Sharing analytics content with security precision streamlines the process of inviting others into the analytics realm and fosters collaboration by allowing others to easily and safely be included in the decision-making process.  

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