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Mashup Guide

At our latest Federal User Group, there was a lot of interest around how to create mashups. Here's a compilation of how-to resources to get you started with creating your own mashups:

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Creator II
Creator II

Hi Heather,

Thank you. It would be great if there were future plans to create documentation for those of us who are not developers. Or, better yet, if one did not even need to know html to edit mashups. 

Former Employee
Former Employee

Brianna,  What information would you like covered in the documentation? 

Requirements and assumptions for Mashups/Dev Hub.


Thanks for the resources.

I am having issues to connect to Qlik Sense hub using Qlik Explorer for Developers. Our intranet Qlik Sense site uses windows authentication to login (LDAP authentication with DOMAIN_NAME\USER_NAME username & password). But when I try to connect the hub URL with Qlik Explorer for Developers using the option ‘Other Credentials’ it generates error ‘Connection failed. Error Message: Value cannot be null. Parameter Name: uriString. Value cannot be null.

But when I open QlikSense desktop and try to connect to the localhost URL then I was able to connect.

Our login site URL:                     http://<intranet site url>

After login HUB URL opens:     http://<intranet site url>/hub/my/work

URL I tried to connect but failed:

                                                        http://<intranet site url>

                                                        http://<intranet site url>/hub/my/work

URL I was able to connect :      http://localhost:<port_number>

Can anyone please tell me what the issue actually is?

Creator II
Creator II

Hi Adam,

Thank you for the clarification. I had no idea that there were background requirements and assumptions (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, oh my!). Knowing that now, my desire would be:

1. Have a more out of the box option for mashups, so pre-reqs are unnecessary

2. Have guides such as 'HTML for Mashups' that would provide the html knowledge necessary for users to create mashups

Thought I would shoot for the moon there...


Hi Noel,

A few things to check:

1. Can you check to make sure that the virtual proxy of the server you are trying to connect to allows for http?

2. Have you tried connecting via https?

3. Are you able to connect to Qlik Playground, using the instructions here: Qlik Explorer for Developers is here!

4. Have you reviewed the video on using the tool here: Qlik Analytics plugin for Visual Studio - YouTube

Also, within the Qlik Explorer for Developers tool, there is a feedback button that you can try to use. Others have used that and received a response quickly.

Lastly, you can try to use the blog in Qlik Branch to ask more questions of developers.!/blog

Specialist III
Specialist III

great material!