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This forum was created for professors and students using Qlik within academia.


The Data Analytics Students Club at Anurag Group of Institutions in Hyderabad, India was launched in May 2019 with a mission to equip students with the right analytics skills and tools to help them succeed in their career. In pursuit of this goal, the Club provides hands-on experience in analytics through learning, events, program simulations and guest lectures. Qlik Sense is among other analytics technologies offered in this Club with a goal to train students as Data Scientists. The club is open for students who are interested in the field of data analytics and encourages students to use analytical skills to solve real world problems. Presently, 60 students are being trained under this club.

The Data Analytics Students Club’s first initiative was to enable students helping them complete the Qlik Sense Business Analyst Qualification offered by the  Qlik Academic Program. According to the President of the Club, Shashidhar Reddy, “The Qlik Continuous Classrooms has the best resources for students of all levels. Qlik happens to be one of the most useful tools in data analytics and has motivated us to initiate a Data Analytics Student Club in the Department with a team of 7 members”

Shashidhar embarked on a project called “NYC Restaurant Inspection Application” and developed applications using Qlik Sense. He analyzed various parameters for restaurant inspection including quality, hygiene etc. which threw up some interesting insights.

AGI has been quite supportive of this Club and a separate Data Analytics lab has been dedicated with 32 computers, a network facility to learn data analytics related technologies, an exclusive space to discuss activities of the club. The college has also agreed to host meet-ups inside the college premises which are also open to students from other colleges in Hyderabad  

In another initiative, the Club invites external Speakers to speak on on topics like Data Analytics, Visualization and Big Data.  Some of those who have been invited in the past include:

  • Dr. Salman Abdul Moiz, Associate Professor, Department of CSE, Hyderabad Central University,
  • Prof. C. Jayalakshmi, Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, University College of Science, Osmaina University, Hyderabad.
  • Dr. A. V. Krishna Prasad, Associate Professor, Department of CSE, MVSR Engineering College.

The Club has ambitious plans for 2020 which includes enrolling more students, enabling students on Qlik Sense technology and data analytics resources offered by the Academic Program. There are also plans to organize a hackathon on data analytics by inviting industry experts and speakers including Qlik

In conclusion Shashidhar says, “To ensure continuity in learning, 2-hours per week has been dedicated as technology training hours where students from the enrolled batch come together and learn, discuss and perform hands-on training on Qlik Sense towards achieving Qlik Sense Business Analyst and Qlik Sense Data Architect  Qualifications”

To know more about the Qlik Academic Program and how this program can support your initiatives in analytics for your Professors and students, visit www.qlik.com/academicprogram or write to academicprogram@qlik.com