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Qlik Datathon Challenge puts Academic Program Partners in top gear!

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Qlik Datathon Challenge puts Academic Program Partners in top gear!

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Feb 11, 2020 3:50:53 AM

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Feb 11, 2020 3:50:53 AM

The recently announced Datathon challenge meant for Qlik Academic Program Partners, has created excitement around the student and professor community. This Datathon is an initiative to help students apply their skills in analytics using Qlik’s Academic Program resources and participate in this global competition.

Qlik in association with C40 Cities launched this Datathon, a series of challenges to help solve some of the issues at the heart of our current climate crisis. Its meant for Qlik Academic Program students across the globe to develop data and analytics solutions for a climate resilient earth to support healthy ecosystems in multiple geographies.

Not a Qlik Academic Partner yet? Its quite simple, sign up using this link:

Datathon winners earn an opportunity to travel to and present their solution at QlikWorld in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Each Challenge winning team member will receive a conference registration pass, travel and accommodations to QlikWorld, conference meals, and gala events for both individuals ($3,500 value each)!

Need more information about the Qlik Datathon? Visit:

Recently, I had an opportunity to speak with students at PICT ( Pune Institute of Computer Technology) a leading Computer Engineering Institution in India. The talk was centered around the Academic Program and also about the Datathon challenge to about 70 third year students. By competing in this challenge, students saw this as an opportunity to add value on their CV and being able to potentially present in Qlik’s leading event. They seemed quite excited with the prospect of being able to network with Qlik’s customers and partners, understand the world of analytics better and get a head start in their career.

Students from Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology ( VJIT) are also keen to participate and leverage the opportunity offered by the Datathon. In the words of Prof Siddhartha Ghosh, Qlik Luminary, “The Datathon is an opportunity and platform for future data professionals to showcase their talent in the field of data analytics using Qlik. It’s an opportunity to solve real world problems by working in teams”

The Anurag Group of Institutions (AGI) have also announced the Datathon in their institution and are expecting a good amount of participation from students. Speaking about this, Shashidhar Reddy who’s also the Presidents of the Data Analytics Club of AGI says, he’s going to promote the Datathon during his meetups which also has student members from other institutions. According to Shashidhar, he’s expecting 50 teams to register for the competition

Lovely Professional University, one of India’s largest private University and Qlik’s Academic Program partner has plans to circulate information about the Datathon to students from various disciplines. Prof Manikant Roy who’s a Qlik enthusiast is keen to spread the word about this challenge digitally. An orientation talk has been organized to students which would also contain information around the Qlik Academic Program

These are exciting times for Academic Program partners and students have an excellent opportunity on their hands through the Qlik Datathon Challenge.

For more information about the challenge or the Academic Program, feel free to write into:

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