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Optimizing data center performance with Qlik products

Hello Folks,

I am looking for advice and recommendations on how to optimize the performance of my data center using Qlik products. I currently have a large amount of data stored in my data center and I am interested in using QlikView or Qlik Sense to analyze and visualize this data.

I have some experience with Qlik products, but I am not sure how to best set up and configure my data center to work with these tools. What are some best practices for integrating Qlik with a data center environment? How can I ensure that my data center infrastructure is optimized for Qlik's data analytics and visualization capabilities? Additionally, I am interested in learning more about the latest trends and technologies related to ( data center management and optimization.

Are there any resources or forums within Qlik Community that you would recommend for staying up-to-date on these topics? Finally, I am curious to hear from other Qlik users who have experience working with data centers. What are some of the challenges you have faced and how have you overcome them? Are there any tips or tricks you would recommend for improving data center performance with Qlik products?

Thank you in advance for your help and insights. I appreciate any advice or suggestions you can provide."

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