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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Cloud - Must Include qvs file from Amazon S3 Bucket

Hi there,

I'm migrating from on Prem to Cloud and want to know the best way to include our QVS files...

We have AWA S3 buckets, would that be able to link qvs files into the script?

I've read Dropbox or Onedrive maybe the only way to do it? 

What's the best way to handle qvs files in cloud (I need to also link them to GitHub)

Many thanks

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Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

Hi Richard you posted this in QCDI forum think this question belongs to analytics/Move to SaaS. However great question, I like to know the answer too. 

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Thanks @jochem_zw , I've reposted to the other board

Hopefully someone can help with best practice on where to put QVS files whilst using Qlik Cloud.. Needs to be secure (of course) and be able to connect with GitHub