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Need Help with Quick Cloud Data Integration - Connection Issue

I'm attempting to establish a connection between Quick Cloud Data Integration and a source database (MySQL) to pull in some data for a project. However, despite entering the correct credentials and connection details, I keep getting an error message saying "Connection Failed." I've double-checked my username, password, host, and port, and everything seems to be in order.

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Hi,   I'm assuming you are using a Qlik Data Movement gateway in order to establish replication from mysql to your target platform.   
Please ensure you have installed the required drivers on the gateway server and that the gateway server has access to connect to your mysql source.    After installation of the gateway, there is a driver utility that can be used to download, install and configure the required drivers.

for installing mysql driver, ssh into your gateway server and cd to this path - 

cd /opt/qlik/gateway/movement/drivers/bin

then run 

./install mysql 

(Note you may have to run it via sudo)
Any additional pre-requisites can be found in the help -
You will need to do this for your target also (e.g. Snowflake / BigQuery etc.).  Please review the pre-requisites for targets here (select your target to review the docs)  - 

./install snowflake

this will install the mysql driver.