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Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses

Discussion board for collaboration on Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses.

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Creator II
Creator II

Can Qlik Compose read Replicate targets , and automate updates to a Persistent Stage layer?

We have qlik replicate and replicate data to a snowflake stage area

We wish to implement a persistent stage, but absolutely do NOT want to use Data Vault as a Persistent Stage

Our Persistent Stage will look exactly like Qlik replicate stage tables, but with extra columns like effective date, end date, Version Date (when inserted/updated/deleted in stage)

Does Qlik compose have the capability of automation in the form of reading new replicate records and then, in persistent stage, do the following?

Retire the old version in persistent stage record if that record exists (set the end date)

Insert a new version of the row, setting the effective date

If so, we will then have a data lake which can then be used to transform data into a dimensional layer



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