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Creator III
Creator III

How to show set of images in text seperate text-boxes ?

hi to all , 

i have globalid , and for each there can be few images ( 0-5 )  , that are the ATTACHMENTID with the use of INFO() .

i also number the images = ATTACHMENTID_IDX .

when globalid is chosen i need to show in 5 textboxes the 1-5 images ,

i am using (for the first textbox) the expr : = if ( crng_a_ATTACHMENTID_IDX = 1 , Info ( crng_a_ATTACHMENTID ) ) - but it does not show the image !?   -  only when i select ATTACHMENTID_IDX = 1  it shoes the first image .

i can show the images in a table  - but that i don't need .

is there any way to do this ?   - THANKS.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

@yanivvl0 Are you using QlikView? I see a file labeled as such and I would like to get this into the correct product forum. 

Sue Macaluso