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Hi Guys, happy Tuesday and thanks for joining me this morning in the Qlik Design Blog. Recently at a customer site I presented a demonstration of the Associative Difference - NOT using colors, movies or fruits and vegetables - but rather, within the context of a vertical that was familiar to the customer, sales. Upon completion, the furrowed brows turned to expressions of understanding and delight. They got it and were excited to put it in to action. They were ready to freely search, explore and discover those hidden insights without being restricted, without fear of leaving any data behind. In this video I present to you a simple demonstration that has resonated very well with those I have presented it to.  Enjoy.

Mike Tarallo


A Practical Example of the Associative Difference


Sample App is attached. You can:

  • import into your Qlik Sense Enterprise environment using the QMC
  • import into Qlik Sense Cloud
  • copy to C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps if using Qlik Sense Desktop