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Custom tooltips in visualizations keep getting better and better. Now, you can add a chart to a tooltip – it is like a chart within a chart. The ability to add master visualizations to tooltips enables users to drill down in the data in a different way. Charts can be added to custom tooltips for the following charts: Bar, Bullet, Combo, Line, Map, Scatter Plot and Treemap.

When a chart is added to a tooltip, the chart picks up on the dimension that is being hovered over and displays the embedded visualization based on that dimension. It provides a nice way to see details, trends or supporting information about a data point in a visualization. The line chart below shows sales over time. The table that is added to the tooltip shows the products that were ordered on the respective order date as well as customers that placed the order. It is clean and simple and offers details in the moment.


Adding a chart to a tooltip is easy to do. The first step is to create the chart that you would like to add to the tooltip. Make sure the chart is not too big and will fit in the tooltip. Add the chart to the master items. Then in the properties panel of the visualization under Appearance > Tooltip, toggle Basic to Custom. In the Chart section, click the Add chart button. Select the chart from the list of master items. Lastly, change the chart size, if necessary. Now, test it out. Exit edit mode and hover in the chart to see the tooltip. Make sure it looks as you expect and is fully visible. It’s that easy. Want to see more? Check out this video on adding a chart to a custom tooltip.

 Things to be aware of when considering using a chart in a tooltip:

  • The chart that is added to the tooltip must be a master visualization.
  • You cannot interact with the tooltip chart so make sure the whole chart is visible because there is not the option to scroll.
  • You can select the size for the chart (small, medium, or large) so keep that in mind if you have a larger chart that may not be fully visible when set to small or medium.
  • When using a touch device, charts will not appear in custom tooltips.
  • If using a Treemap chart in a custom tooltip, you can only have one dimension in the Treemap.
  • Container and Trellis container charts are not supported in custom tooltips.
  • Charts in tooltips are not supported in Storytelling.


Charts in tooltips is a helpful new feature that can enhance your visualizations and provide further insights. To view some examples, check out the Charts in Tooltips sheet in the What’s New App on the Demo Site that was released earlier this month.