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Embedding a single chart. June 19

The latest Qlik Sense June 19 version ships with a nice new feature that should let anyone to embed or share a chart in style.


How to


It’s simple, find the chart you want to embed and right-click on it, you should access to the context menu where you could for example see the data table for the chart you are looking at. In this case what we want to click on in that menu is the option called “Embed Chart”. Note if your screen mode is set to touch, you will find this option by touching in the vertical ellipsis (aka Kebab Menu) icon.

That will pop a window up with a nice preview of the chart and some options that are very handy.




Setting appearance and interaction


You can customize how you can interact with the embedded object.

  • Allow interaction

You can select if you want the user to be able to interact with the embedded object.

  • Enable context menu

You can select if you want the context menu to be available when the embedded object is right-clicked.

  • Language

You can select which language to use in menus for the embedded object.

  • Theme

You can select which theme to use for the embedded object.


Selections in the embedded object


You can choose if the user can make selections in the embedded object, and which selection state to show in the embedded object.

  • Use current selections

You can select to use the current selections in the app.

  • Show selections bar

You can select to show the selections bar above the sheet.

  • Allow selections

You can select if you want the user to be able to make selections in the embedded object. You also need to enable Allow interaction.

  • Clear selections on reload

You can select to clear all selections made in the app when the object is rendered.

  • Apply bookmark

You can select to apply a bookmark and use the selections defined in the bookmark. Bookmarking selections

When the page containing the embedded object is rendered, the initial selection state is defined by the order of execution and your settings.

  1. Clear selections on reload
  2. Apply bookmark
  3. Use current selections

When you make selections in the embedded object, they will be replicated in the app. If you select Clear selections on reload, for example, and use the embedded object, selections are cleared in the app.


Enjoy it,

Arturo (@arturoqv)

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New Contributor

Thanks for sharing the article..!!!  Really helped us in embedding the single charts.