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For many companies, the full cloud promise is still a work in progress. Many systems are still generating local data, business units or departments have on-premises legacy data that cannot be left behind. With Qlik DataTransfer you can securely push your on-prem data and local files into the cloud.

What is Qlik DataTransfer?

Qlik DataTransfer is a simple (and free) app that brings on-prem data to the Qlik Sense. It will let you securely upload multiple on-premises data such as, Qlik apps (QVF and QVW), data files (XLS, CSV, TXT, and QVD) stored in folders in a file system, and any data stored in on-prem DBMS and so. The new data will be available for use under DataFile space in the Qlik Sense tenant or your preference. 




Data Connections. Inspect and select

Qlik DataTransfer lets you look into the existing tables from your on-premises data sources using a familiar and easy-to-use UI. It allows you to select the fields that contain the data you want to transfer to the desired space in Qlik Sense on a set schedule.


At the time of writing this post, the supported data storage systems are: Amazon Redshift, Apache Drill, Apache Hive, Apache Phoenix, Apache Spark, Azure SQL, Cloudera Impala, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Presto, Snowflake, Teradata, REST, and ODBC.  

Note: You can add Qlik Connectors, for example SAP NetWeaver, to expand the available data connections in Qlik DataTransfer 

Watch a Folder

For those of us that have valuable data on the file system stored in files, Qlik DataTransfer offers the ability to watch a folder for new or updated files, and as the files come in or change, it will automatically make the files available in Qlik Sense SaaS. 

Additionally, users can select the app(s) they want to be reloaded when new data comes in. So, if there's new data in a folder somewhere in one of your company's darkest on-premise server, then not only the new data will be pushed to Qlik Sense, but any app using that data could automatically be reloaded. Fresh data guaranteed. 

Qlik DataTransfer will look for data files in the folder on the file system with the following formats XLS, CSV, TXT, and QVD



Reload = transform + combine

Qlik DataTransfer includes the Qlik Engine, that means that it is capable of reloading a Qlik Sense app, so picture this.

You could normally create a Qlik Sense app with the tool of your choice, or a QlikView app for that matter. You could pull data from multiple data sources. You could create really intricate data transformations and data normalization processes in your app. You could work with Qlik visual data prep and/or with Qlik scripting, just as you do on a regular basis when creating Qlik apps.

This time, though, your app won't need any sheets or visualizations. Your app will be used by Qlik DataTransfer to automatically generate and push QVDs to the cloud.


Refresh data on a set schedule

Qlik DataTransfer offers data upload on a set schedule for Qlik apps and for Data Connections, your data will update whenever you need it. Remember that the Data folders will be monitored for changes, so no need to schedule anything. 




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I hope you enjoy Qlik DataTransfer.