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Hey guys - thanks for joining me in this Tuesday's edition of the Qlik Design Blog. Today I have provided a video that walks you through the Qlik Sense Data Load Editor and at the same time highlights a simple use case example where Qlik Load Script can come in handy....loading data from an Excel file, while looping through its multiple sheets.

As you may know Qlik Sense has a powerful visual data preparation interface to help you profile and prepare data for analysis, but did you know that Qlik also provides advanced scripting capabilities to help you transform and augment data as well as perform many other tasks, including those you may found in popular programming languages?

Some common examples include:

  • Incremental loading
  • Adding row and field level security: Section Access
  • Creating .QVD files
  • ...and more

Watch this brief video to learn about the Data Load Editor and see it in action, read on to learn about what else Qlik Script can do.

NOTE: To increase resolution or size of the video, select the YouTube logo at the bottom right of the player. You will be brought directly to YouTube where you can increase the resolution and size of the player window. Look for the 'settings' gears icon in the lower right of the player once at YouTube.


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Can't see the video? - You can download the .mp4 attached to this post.

Samples files used in the video also are available.

Visual Data Preparation References:


Michael Tarallo (@mtarallo) | Twitter

Hi Mike, i tried your script in excel file but there where couple of changes: 1. the loop works with .xlsx files and not with .xls 2. the sheet name have to be numeric only which leads me to my question - what if i'm trying to make a loop for sheet names with char ( W1, W2, W3.. for example to Warehouse file) What is the difference and how to solve it? thanks from advanced Mike!
Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Mike 

 i tried as per the video to load all the datas from two different excel sheets ofa single spreadsheet into one table . it doesnt work.

please help

thank you