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        Hey guys, happy to be back and sharing some awesome tips and tricks with you today! When demonstrating Qlik Sense the other day to some business users, we touched on the topics of Set Analysis, Set Expressions and the use of Bookmarks in Qlik Sense. Though documented in the Qlik Online help, many methods and approaches to using these powerful capabilities can often be missed. In this video I'll show how you can use the expression editor and a defined Bookmark (from your selection state) as a Set Expression.

Ohh...one thing not covered in the video, that I will mention here is that when you create a Bookmark, if you select the information icon () nesx to the Bookmark date on the right in the Bookmark list pop-up, you can preview the Set Expression that is defined from the selection before you insert it with the expression editor.


6-17-2019 3-25-04 PM.png



Bookmarks and Set Expressions


If you have any comments or questions, I'd love to hear from you, so please speak up and don't be shy.



Mike Tarallo

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Hello Michael,

As always, nice video! I did not know about this. One remark/question though, am I correct in saying that if you specify a bookmark name in your set analysis, the expression is always calculated on the dataset defined by that bookmark and does not take any other selections made by the user into account? If you would have used {$<categoryname = {xx}>}, any  selections made by the user would have been applied on top of the selection in the set analysis, right?


Tim Wensink


Hi Tim,

Thank you, yes - many I presented to also were not aware, so I thought this would be a great tip to share with you all. You are correct - at the end of the video around the 4:50 mark, I show an example of a selection - BUT the KPI object using the measure defined with the Bookmark does not change.  Below I added the expression from the Bookmark along with the SET Identifier "$" and you can see when selection is made - it does take that into consideration.  Thanks for your question!

See image:

6-18-2019 11-34-26 AM.png

Master III
Master III


Hi Mike, I think you made a mixup in your video @ 0:27. You seem to have mixed up your brackets and quotes. Currently it states:

sum(< { Country = {"Germany} } > Sales)

... which I think should be...

sum({ < Country = {'Germany'} > } Sales)


Besides that, I learned a new trick today. Now to find a Use Case for it.


I went on to experiment a bit with it, which resulted in this extra tip:

When using a bookmark, you can still overrule or add to part of the bookmark by adding more to your Set Analysis.


sum({"Babywear and Bath Clothes" < Country = {'Germany'} >} Sales)

It will now filter down to Germany on top of the bookmark. If the bookmark already contained a country, it will ignore the country in the bookmark and use Germany instead.