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Comments, Tags, and Documentation

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Comments, Tags, and Documentation

Under Document Properties there is a Tables page that offers functionality surrounding QlikView metadata. The attached document explains how to use some of the functions on that page such as Comments and Field Tags. We will see where QlikView displays this information. As Developers, we all relish writing documentation.......sure. Thankfully, some elements in QlikView will allow you to get a jump start in creating documentation that you should maintain for your QlikView application.

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Interesting document Michael.


Thanks Mike. Excellent document.


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  • Thanks Agis and Rob for reading and responding. Admittedly, these are not the sexiest features of QlikView but it can really help when you are the Developer and want to guide the Designer (whether that is you or someone else) when building the dashboard. Also, being a former developer of software, I know that writing documentation ranks up with getting a root canal, so any kind of help in getting that started is helpful. I have many students tell me that they are replacing the former QlikView expert on staff and they have no documentation on all of the apps they must support. They would love to have even minimal documentation just to give them an idea where to start. Of course if Developer doesn't write documentation, what are the chances that they comment the code in the Load Script?

A fact new to me was that script assigned Comments appear in chart column hover just like the Dimension and Expression Comment property field. I don't see that as desirable, but good to know that's the way it is.


very good document. thanks.

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If you want to get rid of them in the User Interface, go to the Dimension tab and in the Comments field under the label, key in a space. That will remove the text comment but there will be an extra line in the pop up. Not real noticeable though.

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Great job Mike! Very helpful!

Thanks a lot!

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