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The Qlik Education blog provides information about the latest updates of our courses and programs with the Qlik Education team.

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Data is here, data is there, Data is everywhere! 

There is possibly no industry that doesn’t deal with data. Data is a competitive advantage but do you know how to use it? Even when you base decisions on data, are you sure you are using the right data?

Are you sure you are asking the right questions of the data?

Are you confident in turning business questions into analytical questions?

Are you sure you are challenging any assumptions you have with the data?

Are you confident in using techniques to help mitigate any unconscious bias you may have when interpreting the data and insights.

Are you sure you have enough context from the data to ensure it is not telling you only part of the story?

To help take your firsts steps on your journey with data, Qlik is proud to launch the first-ever Analytics Expert Program “Applied Data Analytics using Qlik Sense” that covers all these topics in a cohesive fashion: data and analytic strategies, data literacy, and implementing all this using Qlik Sense. This 15-week blended course combines recorded lectures, weekly 60-minute, live instructor-led sessions, hands-on activities, and much more to guide you on your mindset shift.

Interested in learning more?  Download the program information.