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Contributor III

Unable to add server to Enterprise Manager

Our Team has recently migrated some of our replication jobs to a new server (Replicate v7.0.0.1221).

When I try to connect this new server to Enterprise Manager (v2021.5.0.543), the configuration fails with the  "Replicate server not found" error. 

All the necessary ports are open, we are able to successfully Telnet between AEM server and the new server we're attempting to configure, but when I try to connect it to AEM using the same connection string information, the configuration fails.

Can you please assist me with solving this issue?

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Hi everyone,

To address this situation, there are a few steps you can consider:

  1. Connection String Validation: Double-check the accuracy of the connection string information you're entering. Ensure that there are no typos, missing characters, or incorrect details. Verify that the connection string matches the configuration requirements of both the AEM server and the new server.

  2. Firewall and Network Configuration: While the necessary ports are open and Telnet connections are successful, there might be specific network or firewall settings that are hindering the communication between the two servers during configuration. Review both servers' firewall settings and ensure that there are no rules blocking the communication.

  3. Replication Configuration: The error message indicates a problem with the "Replicate server." Verify that the replication configuration settings are correctly set up on both the AEM server and the new server. Ensure that any required permissions or authentication credentials are correctly configured.

  4. Version Compatibility: Confirm that the version of the Enterprise server Manager and the new server are compatible. Incompatibility between software versions can sometimes lead to configuration errors. Check the documentation for any version-specific requirements or updates.

  5. Logging and Error Messages: Examine logs or error messages generated during the configuration process. These logs can often provide more detailed insights into what might be causing the "Replicate server not found" error. It could be related to connectivity, authentication, or configuration mismatches.

  6. Technical Support: If the issue persists despite these efforts, consider reaching out to the technical support of the software vendor or community forum. They might have encountered similar issues and could provide specific solutions or workarounds tailored to your scenario.

I hope this might be helpful

Regards William,