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Conditional Formatting in NPrinting HTML Report

Hi All

I am using  Qlik NPrinting June 2020 SR1 Version:

I have built an HTML report, now i want to add some conditional formatting to  certain columns in the report.

Col 1,Col 2...Col 10  so

if  values in Col 3 > 50% make background colour green else  leave default   

the screen shot shows typical formatting neededCapture.JPG

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Creator III
Creator III

Unfortunately you cannot use HTML to evaluate the values and then do any conditional formatting. You could use Keep Source Formatting with HTML, and then do the formatting in Qlik; with levels and some custom HTML you likely could reproduce what you have above.. or something similar.


But, I would recommend that you switch over to an Excel Template, and then use levels and excel conditional formatting to achieve your result. 



Hi, I disagree.. you definitely can achieve it in HTML. You need to use Qlik Sense to also calculate colour for each column and row and return colour in the format you need in your html then use it as mentioned in this topic:


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