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Fixed width in csv file

Hi community,

I realise this si probably a npritning matter but anyway. Is it possible to via Qlikview or Nprinting set up columns with fixed width?

Just for the background story: We have a couple reports which is made in Data Integrator earlier buy should now be created with Qlikview and distributed via nprinting. The CSV fiels needs to be created with fixed width fields meaning that:

From column 1-5 = Client, from 15-25 accountnumber and in between that should be blankspaces in the output file.

Is this possible in qlikview/nprinting?


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Re: Fixed width in csv file

Hi, Niklas,

Is your required output report a .csv file or excel file? If it is a .csv file, what do you mean columns 1-5 =Client?

5 columns, but only  one value? How is that possible?  Dose that means, you want the output like:

"client,,,,,"? If you want some thing like that, I think you need to create empty column in .qvw file, and then you use export qlikview objects to csv here to get the .csv report. Or you can create .excel report, which you can control the columns that used in the report template.


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Re: Fixed width in csv file

CSV file not excel


Re: Fixed width in csv file

Not sure if I got this right, but attached you can find a way to generate one column where multiple fields are concatenated. Exporting this object will give a text file as you described.

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Re: Fixed width in csv file


You can use like this.

Hope it helps!


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