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PPT Template Issue

Hopefully this can be done.

I have a PPT template that was created by marketing.  It basically has place holders for each of the objects.

I want to open this template in the template designer and replace each of the place holders with the actual Qlik Sense table from my app.

Once I replace it I need to then format it in the template to look like the rest of the template (font size, background color, etc.) since I can't create the exact look in Qlik Sense.

I can't seem to figure out to do this and make the changes stick to the template.  If I load the table and then Preview I can make some changes.  But these changes do not update the original template. 

I also have an issue where when I insert the table elements they don't display in the template correctly.

I have 2 columns in the table.  One is the value of the Payor.  That displays ok.  The other column is a calculation.  Instead of displaying the data it displays the expression from Qlik Sense.

I am running nPrinting 17.2 and QS 3.1.1

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Re: PPT Template Issue

I think I figured out the issue with the individual columns not displaying correctly.

I had a comment in the expression in Qlik Sense.  I took that out and then regenerated and it now displays ok.

But still can't figure out how to reformat in the template.

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